Professional Customs Clearance Services

At Express Customs and Forwarders, we provide a comprehensive range of professional customs clearance services to clients in and around Australia. With decades of experience, we are up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations with Australian Customs and Biosecurity.

What Is Customs Clearance?

Customs clearance is a critical process for anyone looking to import or export goods in and out of Australia. Before goods can be released from customs control, they must be cleared through the Australian Border Force (formerly the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service). This involves a detailed assessment of the goods in question, including a review of the accompanying paperwork, such as invoices, packing lists and shipping documents, to ensure compliance with Australian laws and regulations. The process also ensures that any relevant taxes or duties, such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or customs duties, are correctly assessed and paid.

Our Customs Clearance Services

Failure to correctly declare goods or provide accurate information can result in significant penalties, delays in receiving goods and even the potential seizure of shipments. For this reason, many businesses and individuals choose Express Customs and Forwarders to navigate the customs clearance process, ensuring a smooth and compliant transition of goods across the Australian border.

Our services include:

  • Processing your import and export documentation
  • Communicating with the Australian Border Force (Customs) and Department of Agriculture (Quarantine) personnel
  • Advising you on tariff classifications and concessions, ensuring you have access to the best options to save you time and money

We also ensure that you comply with the frequent changes in regulations that have the potential to create complications in clearing your goods through customs. Contact us today to discuss your next shipment.

Supporting Documents

Download the supporting documents required for customs clearance here:

Authorisation Form

Packing Declaration Form

Contact Express Customs and Forwarders on 03 9335 4559 for comprehensive customs clearance services.