Advice on Asbestos

Kindly click the link above to see the Department Of Immigration and Border Protection Notice No. 2017/21 in regards to Asbestos. Please read it thoroughly. The take-away point from it is that importers need to have sufficient knowledge of their goods back to the point of manufacture, especially goods manufactured in South-East Asia.

Importers declaring “no” to asbestos content in their goods must only do so if they are certain that their goods do not contain asbestos by design, or by the use of naturally contaminated ingredients, during manufacture.

Certain testing certificates, laboratory reports or supply chain documentation can provide assurance that asbestos is not present in imported goods. For testing in Australia, the ABF will only accept certification from a laboratory, that is accredited by NATA to undertake asbestos testing, that confirms asbestos was not detected.

For testing undertaken overseas, the ABF will only accept certification confirming no asbestos was detected in samples from a laboratory accredited to undertake asbestos testing by a NATA-recognised equivalent through a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA)

Other documentation such as supply chain declarations, established quality assurance requirements and risk management reports, may be considered for assurance of no asbestos content.